Vasectomy Care

Birth control is a word that we hear so often in today’s society. It is what gives men and women the option to wait to start a family till they are fiscally and emotionally ready for one. However, many women will shy away from the pills and shots because of the side effects that they create. Also these are not always a guarantee that you will not become pregnant. This is something that many do not wish to risk.

Vasectomy CareIt is for this reason that many men consider a vasectomy. This is a form of male birth control that is drastic – but effective. It is a surgical procedure where the vasa deferentia in the man has been cut and then tied or sealed. This will prevent the sperm from traveling into the seminal stream during sexual intercourse. Despite the way it sounds this operation is minor and is performed inside of the doctor’s office.

We understand that this is a big decision for any man to make and something that should not be done lightly. With out help you will better understand everything the doctor will do during the procedure, what you need to do to prepare for it, and how long it will take for you to recover from it.

Thanks to modern medicine there are various ways in which this procedure can be performed. In many cases the doctor will use a scalpel to open the area, after giving the patient a local anesthetic. This is one of the more frightening alternatives – but it is not the only one. No scalpel vasectomy is becoming increasingly popular across the country and helps men to feel little to no pain and to recover quickly.

Because it is a type of medical procedure you need to be informed about the various risks and side effects that can occur during or after the procedure is finished. You should remember that while this is an effective method for many men it can be reversed.

Vasectomy reversal is possible in most men and will give them the option to change their mind and have more children in the future. However, the cost of this reversal will be much higher then that of the original procedure.